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October 29, 2010


Milo Fine (drum set [bowed cymbals], electronic piano [electronics], B flat clarinet [electronics] Erkki Huovinen (guitar & organ pedal, chromatic harmonica, alto clarinet)

the young people of france. angry. about retirement laws well. in their future. cannot shake. their musette history. cannot help drifting. from protest toward dance. gendarmes in their armored trucks. parked in the dark. at the edge of the crowd. listen. to eric satie. on their headphones.

cathedral bells in the. birds flying over. crows. with heavy feet. jump up and. down off the curb. cobblestone street. rue. night falls darker and. remembers. where it has been. on the edge of the sidewalk. looking down.

radio static chorus. like the anvil chorus. but not. what sound underground wires make. slowly learning to talk. to one another. acquiring the organs. of think. because of language. sound shared into meaning. mineral rich soil the medium. of their evolution.

unlikely staircase. going sideways. into the. next room of the. dream.

cradles his guitar like a. walking his fingers down the board. walk. like a caterpillar.

make you hand into a beak. pinion all five fingers. to a single. point. direct energy into. the keys. run faster than the notes. let them try. to catch up. to you.

galapagos of the ear. birds evolving out of sound. finches. chickadees. perhaps a perturbed parrot. green with envy. birds found no where. else. but inside. this music.

two decanters. on the table with. colored liquid. one tangerine one azure. inside. wings of reedy angles rippling the surface. the blue surface. the orange surface. angles hovering. dispensing sound. light. energy. the way the moon does. or memory. the two liquids. emitting stars. into the night. the glass bottles. vibrating.

row of light bulbs against. edge of darkness. were the light stone. and the dark stone. there would happen. an earthquake. complexity putting on a coat. of cheesecloth & gum arabic. the lost trolley of amsterdam appears. over the crest of a hill. conductor. waving. to no crowds.

once when a child. four or five. undressed. for the ritual of the bath. doorbell. i hid. behind the big front door. to see who. she. came unexpectedly in. closing the door. as she. i ran.

another. story. we discovered a mound. of white powder. construction lime. left. by the construction guys. put it in a piece of conduit. and twirled. fans of white. trailing out like galaxy arms. glennie for a while. then me. on one turn. i arced my swing. unexpectedly. hit glennie. in the mouth. with the pipe. white white white shooting past. the side of his face. sixty years later. the scar. on the edge of his lip. and in my memory.

what you put in. is what you bring in. how's your life? at the moment.

when you stand up. the cord stretches. the chord stretches. your hands. farther away. from the north pole. your knees. become strangers. the calliope rolls. in the door. announcing. unexpected events. to come.

how to make your feet. do what your hands. don't. at the same time.

down the hill from the. not far from. at the edge of, in fact. where the grass gives way to. where a sudden leap is. possible. or inviting.

something trip-ped this way comes. have a sip of soda while you. wait! he doesn't have a ticket. close the gate. mind the store. put some pretzels into a paper bag.

our fathers. famous for. outwitting the hazards. of fame. our mothers. renown for placing. diamonds of wisdom. around the necks of their. applauding crowds. dried peas. rolling down a cookie sheet. dropping to the. floor. laughing.

this dance we do. on helium. hardly. touching. the ground, memory. the clouds, a stage set. what birds know. and the joy of. plunging toward the earth. then. not. again.

not yet time. for ice. soundcicles. hanging from the ceiling. thin rails. of radiant light. splitting the. dark elsewhere. fat pink worms. burrowing deep. into the warm soil. as the starry night. turns cold.

who knows why we? what patterns have foretold. nothing comes out. as planned.

if the pages of a book could. an old book. quite old. no chemicals. in the paper. sixteenth century. probably. ink ground from obsidian. and pig blood. each matrix letter carved. from the stolen metal rings of robber brides. forms locked. into the chase. with horse collars. press whirling and clanking. everything well-oiled. & fitting. the dance of literature.

once was waiting. for a bus. was late. stepped inside to. listen. fell through the. floor opened up. windows into. mystic rooms in the soil. the under. ground. microbes eating dirt. enjoying. the dirt. wander within. minerals. mica. compost. remains of a virgin. forest. submerged when the. music. stopped.

you do not need. to see. place your eyes on the. shelf for a while. you don't need. to look at. what is not there. only inside. your ears.

faster than. can't catch up. won't try. stay lost. in the wake. tail spin.

then everything. slows. "take four giant steps." "captain may i?" "you may not. go back." to the beginning. scramble the wires. misdirect the sound. burrow into the ground. and come out in. the cookie cupboard.

this is the language. of oryx & crake. before the bad news. happened.

after the silence. key roll. then. the dirge. then. bird flight. car crash. lake shore & waves. restaurant door. swinging. open to the scent. of food. spice. then hunger. then. more. then waiting. then

mind. wand. ers. sound takes it. otherwhere. somespot else. another. sphere. up the. out the. into the. night. air.

clamp your hand. down. on the strings. funnel the sound. toward your feet. you took your shoes. off.

8: 19
it is your burden? what you carry? this new thing? you don't want. that gives your voice. irresistible spark?

what is its name? that water. seeping through a film. through a skin? a biological term. what is it? how water goes all the way. to the top of a pine tree. cell by moist and pervious cell. higher than it could. be pumped. but up there anyway. feeling the scent. of green needles. kissing. the velvet sky. the night. the stars. i knew that word. once. in biology class. being pulled toward it. almost. yes. osmosis.

the uprising will occur. at dawn. we dig trenches. build battlements. to protect the city. from the visitors. doesn't matter. they come in. anyway. we welcome them. offer pizza. fruit. fizzy drinks. they are tickled. decide to surrender. without firing. neither did we.

glacier. inevitable. & patient. building. flowing. growing. giving up. its energy. water & light. waltzing across the earth. in three/fourmillion time.

picking up your sticks. a mini-concert. all by itself.

st. elmo’'s fire. dances. in the riggings. of great sailing ships. leaps. from the yardarm. to spar. to jib. sputters. along the taffrail. jumps high. into the spider web. of rigging. ship rocking. slowly. while the waves. & the fire giving everyone. who sees it. the gift of sight.

and when did you say. you’d run along the sidewalk? kicking leaves.

grasshoppers make. a symphony. of fluttering. play. the wind. like a fiddle. or a harp. a mouth harp. octave leaps. chordal hops. flips in the. wind winds it up &. pitches. a no-hitter.

"we'll do that in the post." we'll post that. in the dew. we'll post dew in the that. we'll that post due in the. wheel well in the post. do that. do you? dew. you?

hold the pick. in your lips. put the strings. in your fingers. lay the sticks. on the floor.