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July 7, 2011- July 31, 2011

REBECCA LAWSON: Immigration and Traditions from Romania to North Minneapolis

Rebecca writes about her show: My family arrived in North Minneapolis in 1920. This show offers a collection of narrative artworks relating that story. My grandfather, along with a brother and a sister, came here from an area of Romania called the Bukovina. The work in this show explores the strong connection we still have to our homeland through the traditions we have kept. It also chronicles the home we created in North Minneapolis and our connections to this neighborhood.

Visit Rebecca's website.

Opening Reception - Thursday, July 7th from 7p to 9p

Panel Discussion: Immigration to the Northside - Tuesday, July 12th beginning at 7p

Foods - and the stories of how our cultures grow, prepare, serve and preserve them - create such a wonderful bridge of understanding. Rebecca's sensitive photographs, and the wonderfully revealing panel discussion (which included her uncle, as well as a person from the Northside Jewish community, and a recent Somali immigrant) have made that abundantly clear.

The show felt more like an installation, with every piece, every photograph, every map or jar of canned pickles, leaning on and informing every other.

It was a pleasure to have the show in our gallery for a few weeks and to be present for all the great conversations and observations occasioned by the photographs.

From rebecca lawson:

Thanks for your hospitality. I had a great time showing at Homewood. It's a great asset to the neighborhood. Rebecca