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September 1, 2010- September 8, 2010

Youth Listening Project: Seeing Through It All and Making a Change

The NorthPoint Youth Listening Project (a program of Northside Health & Wellness Center's Innovation Team) presents Seeing Through It All and Making a Change - a photography exhibit. Four recent graduates of North Community High School and Dunwoody Academy use a strategy called Photovoice to bring to the center of attention their visual perspectives of both positive and negative aspects of North Minneapolis. These unique pictures, some of recognizable sites on the Northside, tell stories from young persons' points of view about the existence of healthy living models, or lack thereof, in the community. Their images strive to open the eyes of local residents, community leaders, policymakers and decision makers to problems and resources seen everyday but all too often ignored.

Mentor/instructor for this program - Bill Cottman.

The young community activists will use their photographic artwork to advocate for achievable change they hope to see on the Northside.