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February 1, 2011- February 14, 2011


Three artists have come to realize a common theme in their work - that of flow - in nature, water, creativity and life's energy.

Deborah Foutch is an artist whose palette, sense of line, light, and space, is deeply informed by the landscape she grew up in. The rhythm of seasonal change, the flow of rivers, the roll of land, the grace of trees, and the constant variety of light are recurring subjects.

Maris Gilbert's current work developed out of years of looking at and really seeing/experiencing nature, blending her roots in Florida with the growth and changing seasons of Minnesota. Her paintings explore the flow of energy and the spiritual in water, trees and the human form. Stillness and energy coexist in forms that are both grounded and forever reaching.

Kristen Treuting is a gourd artist who explores the theme of flow in her gourd vessels and containers. She finds the sense of flow in the shapes and forms of the gourds themselves, and in her abstractions of water, rocks, leaves and other natural inspirations.

Opening Reception - Friday, February 4th from 6p to 9p

Artists' Talk - Tuesday, February 8th beginning at 7p

In our Gallery Talk, with all three artists attending, the conversation moved from statements of artistic vision and the artists' sense of how their work each compliments the other, to deeper investigations of how we use nature as our model for creating art, and to an investigation into that aha! moment when we know a piece of art is complete. As with the art itself, which simultaneously preserves and releases its secrets, the questions we raised lead to more questions rather than to anything resembling a final answer.