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August 22, 2010

IMPROVISED MUSIC AT HOMEWOOD: L'Editions Lagnaippe - Two Settings for Drum

L'Editions Lagnaippe (a cajun word meaning an unexpected, but fully prized, extra) is an irregular adjunct to the Improvised Music at Homewood Studios series, curated by and featuring Milo Fine (with a variety of collaborators).

The Lagnaippe concerts spotlight amalgams which come up due to circumstance -- a visiting musician from out of town, for instance -- or an inspirational dictate of the moment. The first Lagnaippe event -- a trio of Milo Fine, Davu Seru and Taylor Ho Bynum in 2009 exemplifies the former, while the all horn nonet featured in June and the concert at hand fall under the latter category.

Viv Corringham and Milo Fine have, from time-to-time, explored the possibilities for acoustic voice/drum set in private sessions. In some respects, an unlikely pairing, they greatly enjoy it and thought it time to bring this instrumental composite into a public forum.

And, when Philip Mann of Aerosol Pike recently suggested a session wherein their horns would be interfaced with Fine's drum set, he thought it would be a striking coupling with his and Viv's duo.

Milo Fine: drum set (bowed cymbals) Aerosol Pike -- Philip Mann: alto/tenor saxes, bass clarinet Ryan Reber: soprano sax Rick Ness: alto sax, B flat clarinet, multi-toned tenor bugle


Milo Fine: drum set (bowed cymbals) Viv Corringham: voice

Improvisations begin at 7 o'clock. $5 admission to convince the musicians to continue coming to our gallery for these unrepeatable evenings.

aerosol pike + milo

long time. not paleolithic long. not cosmic long. two missed gigs. babies have been born. sliding down that long dark birth canal toward inevitable light. or old ones. away from the light. into whatever comes next. something awaits us at either. something guessed at but... put the brakes on guessing. press the stop petal for planning. open to what cannot be predicted. did any of us, while tumbling in the amniotic waters, listening to our mother's heartbeat thumpthump just above our head, imagine what was coming? did any of us, in that watery womb, predict this moment? sitting in the middle of an emerging sound sculpture? our breathing, part of the moment?

rocks tumbling down a. into a. unbearable velocity. following eisntein's notion, changing matter into energy. and then recognizing the presence of light. somewhere in the distance. that unexpected unknown. waiting. patient. unhurried.

the need to reach. to go beyond. desire for what is over the hill, past the curvature of the road, just out of sight. anticipating what comes next. why? the sounds push us that way. the sounds insist there is a next in addition to a this. takes us there! leave us there!

in a field of unusual plants and blossoms. taller than. waving in the. glinting like metal in the last rays of the sun. yellowgold and bronze light painting the plants. snips of the attendant fragrances slipping free. into the light. basho's temple bell, ringing out of the flower petals.

pulse. always a pulse. milo said. on the edge of a cliff in north carolina. valley stretching away under. for miles. for eons. for ever. stretching into the underbrush. becoming the footprint sounds of animals, varmints, critters. far off. and grinning.

pulling it apart. stretching it. extracting expressions of shape-changing. turning it over. listening to the under side. the other side becoming this side. becoming now. right. now.

metal staircase. circular. winding. in the corner. top not visible. bottom either. treads. no risers. black metal. glinting in the busy light. through the metal openings. moving up. stepping down. loosing track. both at once. standing still and moving. light. flickering. flick. er. ing.

the whirling merri-go-round slows. horses slow. their toothy smiles enlarge. doors slide open. and close again. the horses prance in. and out. the doors smile. the calliope sound runs, like water, onto the ground.

ice makes a particular sound while melting. listen to a glass of water with ice cubes. in the sun. think of the polar ice caps. making their melting noises. polar bears hear it. penguins hear it. the bears remember being born. remember sounds of falling from water into air. from darkness. into light. penguins recall the cracking sounds. of shells surrounding them. are they being born again? are they?

she asks for change for a twenty. to catch the bus. "what kind of place is this?" stick around and listen. come up with one answer. another time, another answer. what kind of place is this? a place like any other in the known world. always changing. always becoming something else. never the same twice. all creation is a hericlitian fire. drumsticks are kindling. reeds are kindling. fire offers light. flickering light. flick.. er. ing. fire is a stairway. to somewhere else.

the cymbal goes on sounding. long after it is tapped. vibrating. long after we think. while the silence...

lift your arms. prepare to strike. pause. think plectrum. let your body think. let your body listen. hold the bow above the strings. while the bass clarinet drags its hand through the water. sending ripples of light-dark-light behind it.

can a camel tap dance? will a giraffe ballet? does an elephant tango? would a buffalo break dance?

viv + milo

air this far up is thin. more difficult to fly. not much light under the wing. work harder. start the auxiliary engine. set the extra sail. put another oar in the.

what language is that? what favor are you asking? what do you want to give me? is that your phone number? may i call you?

so the bird came back down. folded her wings. began walking across the desert floor. kicking sand in the.

a black cobra, when she moves, rumbles her coiling muscles on the earth. slides up the bank of a fish pond, in ghana, hungry. so intent on watching the water in the pond, reading its stillness for pattern, she does not notice my son, andrew, weeding the bank of his fish pond with a monk's focus. each in her and his own world. then. snake lunges into the water. the tilapia feels a flash of panic. just enough time to take in that flash of fear. then.

a trail in the hills near sonoma. the earth is red. the rocks are soft. small, scrubby pines bow to the wind. their roots, reaching for water in every direction, wrap around stones like a mother holding her...breath.

rattle. death rattle. rattle snake. snake rattle and. it is all breathing.

sometimes minds wander. sometimes times wonder. wander minds times some. time wonder sends mines. sand mines seem thin. send tim some seeds.

harry partch designed instruments requiring choreographed movement for the playing of. viv's voice animates her body into choreography. harry would approve.

far off down the valley. temple gong. air fills its spoon and carries it along. winding the river path. silver spoon. silver water. playing branches of the trees near the water like strings of a harp. flashing in the silver light. brilliantly and exotically plumed birds flick and arch their feathers into sounds. of color and flame.

what the lungs say after seventy-three stairs. what the lungs sing after one hundred twenty-seven. what the lungs think when the stairs become a leap.

whales. miles away. calling. singing. through cataracts of ice breaking into the sea. pulsing messages for underwater ears. underwater skin. pulse. always a pulse. throbbing against skin accustomed by eons of practice to absorb sound along the meridians of their gigantic and graceful bodies. whales. mammalian. like us. air breathing. like us. suspended in water. waiting. for what comes. next.

lament. low register pining. scratching in the dust. uncovering old messages. dialing a wrong number. and finding the right place. shaking hands with a tremor. watching a rock tumble. from higher up and three miles away.

yipping. slipping toward joy. hipping. sliding up hill. lifting off. into.

the flivver is on its last wheels. the road shows no mercy. the ride is an adventure. who knows if we will get there? who knows where THERE is? only where it is not. not yesterday. not last week. not even a minute ago. even.

dropping. unconcerned and floating. into the abyss. the sound of memory cushioning me. until. i forget. then tumble. twist. sputter. remember and. float again. twist. what? what? falling. loosing sense of. then recalling it. remembering. to breathe.

pushing. urging. shoving. heaving. prying. leaning. tipping and. letting go..

you canít say that!
say what?
why not?
the rules
what rules?
you know. those rules.
those rules do not apply here.
how do you know?
just listen.