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June 18, 2010- July 10, 2010

ROBERT TABB: Ghosts & Dreams

From his home in Puerto Rico, Robert Tabb, who has family here in North Minneapolis, writes:

I've been drawing for most of my life. Only, in the last couple of years have I switched primarily to washes. I find there's more life in the final images. Some of them are complete surprises, and sometimes, a little disturbing. Some of these images have worked their way out of my system like old slivers, impressions that have been buried in me and sometimes forgotten. Most of them, I can't say what brings them out. They usually come in rushes. There is a vague idea of what the thing or person might look like before I start working it out. A sense of its shape, or a gesture or an activity. But, of course, nothing I can count on.

Opening Reception - Saturday, June 19 from 5p to 8p

Closing Party - Saturday, July 10 from 3p to 7p

A retiring person, Robert is not sure he will put in an appearance at the opening reception. But perhaps we can prevail upon him, during his show and concurrent stay with his local family, to show up for the closing party.