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October 20, 2010- November 2, 2010

ROSE KADERA: Witness to A Miracle

Rose writes from her studio in the woods near Two Harbors: My journey with the north woods continues with a focus on the beauty of autumn, death and the decaying process that occurs continuously as part of the miracle and beauty of life.

I continue to explore a variety of techniques and processes as I present:

~~ a group of sculptures based on the tree, investigating both its figurative and its decay aspects,

~~ a group of relief sculptures called Landscape in a Bowl, which become the picture frames for the artwork,

~~ a group of cremation urns,

~~ primitive sawdust-fired pieces, and

~~ a bit of functional stoneware.

The ideas for this exhibit evolved out of my walks and my experiences. In the past few years, I have been both witness and companion to family and friends engaged in battles with severe illnesses and journeys with the dying processes. As I was trying to make sense of the grief, alongside the beauty of another phase of life, I became acutely aware of the splendor of dying and decay in the forest and its beauty reached out to me.

Rose's website

Opening Reception - Friday, October 22nd from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, November 2nd beginning at 7p

Sometimes an artist, her show, takes us deeper into ourselves than we expected. For us, this is just what happened with Witness to a Miracle.

Rose's work itself, and especially her gallery talk, took us all farther into considering the last stages of life with an open and thoughtful eye than we had considered going. Her elegant words about resisting "what comes next" after decay and death, of wishing to remain in the present moment and explore it with her sculptures, encouraged us to reconsider our own musings about what is happening right now and what comes later.

Rose makes our favorite definition of an artist - someone who asks a question, then looks around for what materials are at hand to investigate the answers - come to life. We already anticipate her next show at Homewood Studios.

From Rose Kadera Vastila:

After thoughts.

I am most grateful and thankful for my hosts George and Beverly who again received me, my guests and my work with warmth and grace.

As my life is in the woods and my work is created in solitude, I miss much of the performances of art a city has to offer. I am grateful for this opportunity to take it out, and place it in this lovely space for viewing and conversation. I am grateful for this venue that engages others in conversation, it helps me determine what intentions are communicated.

Some questions are asked only to create further exploration. As to the question of product, my answer - "I love it" - because, without the goal, I have no reason to take the journey. The journey is the goal but without purpose I may not embark.

A new experience. This is the first time letting go of pieces was difficult.

Thank you friends and fellow artists for sharing this window of time and observation. Thank you dearest Reijo, the salt of the earth, my grounding force, for sharing my world.