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October 1, 2010- October 19, 2010

MARK GRANLUND: The Book of Bartholomew - Paintings & Illustrations

The paintings and illustrations of Saint Paul artist Mark Granlund's stories found in The Book of Bartholomew will be on display in our gallery. Mark's crazy and heart-felt stories about the life of Bartholomew and his friends provide the inspiration for the work in this show. From large oil paintings to small ink sketches, the work observes familiar subjects in the stories: chickens, kale, giants, love's inflamed passion, and much more.

Also on display will be illustrations of these stories by other artists, examples of the book's layout, and a viewing of The Book of Bartholomew website.

Opening Reception Friday, October 8th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Reading Tuesday, October 12th beginning at 7p

Find out more about Mark Granlund and The Book of Bartholomew at Mark's website.

We want to remark on the number of children and young persons who wandered into the gallery during the run of The Book of Bartholomew" and who responded with thoughtful interest to the work.

The combination of large scale work and spreads from the completed book created an inviting space for everyone to enter.

When a child ourselves, we "read" comic books by looking at the drawings. The youngest of the children looking at this show seemed to be doing the same - creating their own stories from what their eyes gave them.

And we older children responded in much the same way. Mark's amazing exploration of color, his willingness to invite other artists into his process, and his stories, (some of which he read for us at the gallery talk), made for a gallery experience reminiscent of other memorable "childhood" times when a new light went on for us about how the world works.