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September 9, 2010- September 28, 2010

KEIONA COOK: Colors Inspired by the Hummingbird

Keiona Cook is a talented woman. She designs and sews incomparable clothing. She embroiders. She draws and paints.

And she will bring examples of all this work, and quite possibly something else not yet decided, to her first show at Homewood Studios.

One item that has been decided - an image unveiling (to create a little suspense). This will take place at 7 o'clock during the public reception.

Public Reception - Saturday, September 25th from 5p to 8p

As a young student in my classroom at North Community High School, Keiona stood out as someone driven by a will to succeed, as someone always striving to do more, learn more, be better.

Several years later, with her work up in our gallery for a while, we are reminded of those same qualities. Her commitment to her life as a designer and artist, her willingness to see herself as part of her community with something essential and unique to contribute, her pure delight at seeing her art displayed in her community - all go toward showing what an important event Colors Inspired by the Hummingbird was for everyone involved.

From Keiona Cook:

My heart is moved every time I think about my name being on a wall and my artwork everywhere. I thank God for George and Bev Roberts being placed in my life and helping to guide my spirit in the direction of success.

It's truly amazing when you come in contact with individuals who want to see you successful.

I love you both very much, thanks for everything!!