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May 27, 2011- June 11, 2011


In her first gallery show since college, Nikkie Nelson, a neighbor of ours and an interesting young artist, will show her new metal wire sculptures, sea creatures.

Nikkie writes: I have enjoyed how my "north woods" upbringing and love of trees and roots has easily fused with my more recent love of the sea and its fragile looking creatures. The woods and land have always been present in my work, but the sea has been dominating more and more in recent years.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 3rd from 6p to 9p Gallery Talk: Tuesday, June 7th beginning at 7p

Not often do we have the pleasure of presenting in our gallery an artist who is also a close neighbor and a good friend. With Nicole's Land & Sea we got to cover all three bases.

The work was original in both concept and technique, thoughtful and thought provoking, and - in the words of one guest book entry - made us feel we wanted to "scuba dive in her work."

Nelson's land and sea creatures invited the viewer to reach out and touch them, imagine them under water or in a forest, and, by extension, to imagine ourselves in those environments as well.

By the end of the show, we felt these creatures were our friends, and we were sorry to see them come down.

From Nicole Nelson:

It was such a pleasure to have a show at Homewood Studios. The gallery is gorgeous and its owners, George and Bev Roberts, were so great to work with. It was a fantastic experience, complete with new friends, a greater appreciation for Homewood Studios and its proprietors, as well as, gaining knowledge about myself as an artist.
- I'm looking forward to doing it all over again.