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June 20, 2010


For those of us addicted to the unique sound exploration Milo Fine and his gathered friends indulge in, we are pleased to offer a lagnaippe improvised music concert. This Assemblage presents Milo Fine: B flat/E flat/alto clarinets, Scott Newell: tenor sax, John O'Brien: cornet & flugelhorn, Stefan Kac: tuba, Jaron Childs: alto saxophone, Philip Mann: bass clarinet & alto sax, Ryan Reber: soprano sax, Rick Ness: alto sax, B flat clarinet & multi-toned tenor bugle, Elaine Evans: pocket trumpet.

Just reading this list of stellar artists makes the ears tingle in expectation...

L'Editions Lagnaippe (a cajun word meaning an unexpected, but fully prized, extra) is an irregular adjunct to the Improvised Music at Homewood Studios series, curated by and featuring Milo Fine (with a variety of collaborators).

The Lagnaippe concerts spotlight amalgams which come up due to circumstance -- a visiting musician from out of town, for instance -- or an inspirational dictate of the moment. The first Lagnaippe event -- a trio of Milo, Davu Seru and Taylor Ho Bynum in 2009 exemplifies the former, while the concert at hand falls under the latter category.

The seed for Assemblage (Horn Chorale) was perhaps planted in 1981, when Milo convened a one-off - an extremely fecund trio consisting of himself on B flat clarinet, trumpeter John O'Brien and soprano saxophonist Jean Decker. More recently, Milo's associations with Stephan Kac, Jaron Childs, Aerosol Pike (Philip Mann/Ryan Reber/Rick Ness) and Elaine Evans, and a conversation with long-time associate Scott Newell wherein Scott asked Milo if he were interested in exploring larger groups -- something Milo hadn't done since the early 70s -- served as the catalysts for the nonet at hand. (The only hesitation for Milo was that there seems to be a decisive towards larger groups in jazz/improvised music circles these days, and, what with Milo's being allergic to trends...)

Assemblage (Horn Chorale) will, in all likelihood, be presented "in the round". The listeners will be in the middle of the room and will be encouraged to shift positions as the evening progresses in order to gain changing perspectives of the evolving music.

Improvisation begins at 7p. $5 donation to insure the music-makers feel loved and appreciated.