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March 1, 2011- March 31, 2011


Our good and longtime friend, Neal Cuthbert, has been drawing crows for a while. Over lunch recently he allowed a show at Homewood Studios would please him. So we have scheduled one, and we anticipate it with a certain gleefulness.

Opening Reception Friday, March 11th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, March 29th beginning at 7p.

Like watching spring break out after a long winter.
Like looking into the eyes of a child at the moment she learns something new, and begins to know it.

We have known Neal Cuthbert a good long time. We visited his studio in the seventies and have known about his art work since then. But there has been a hiatus, a quite spot where that work went dormant. Neal, as Arts Programs Director for the McKnight Foundation, was busily devoted to the art work of others for many years.

The opportunity to offer Neal a show of his own work, and to watch the subtle, and not so subtle, effects of that large effort creep up on him as we discussed, then planned, then hung the show, enjoyed to opening and the (delayed but very well-attended and productive) gallery talk has been salutary.

"This is a really big deal," we said to each other more than once. Thanks go to everyone who has supported Neal, purchased his work, left encouraging messages in the guest book...and to Neal for first seeing, then drawing the crows and sharing them with us.