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November 29, 2009

One Day Student Show

Peyton, a wonderful print artist who had a show in our gallery last spring, has been teaching charcoal drawing to local students in our open studio space. He has also been working with fifteen young people in the Beacons program at Lucy Craft Laney School in our community.

On Sunday afternoon, November 29th, from noon to 3p, all these students will have a quick show in our gallery. Work includes creative drawings, craft paper designs, and cardboard sculptures.

If you only visit one gallery show this year, why not make it this one? Our children need your support and encouragement.

The show was a real success. You could read the pleasure and surprise on the faces of the young artists as they saw their work formally presented on the wall for the first time. This part of any art program - giving the young artists an audience, letting them begin to imagine other audiences for other works of their art - is an essential step in the process of nurturing our next generation of artists.