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August 3, 2010- August 31, 2010

MAXINE WEST: The Spoon Project

Another artist who has had shows in the past at Homewood Studios, Chrys Laramy, introduced us to the work of Maxine West.

We enjoyed our conversation with Maxine about her work and about her interest in a show in our gallery. While she does other things, the Spoon Project drawings are something new.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 6th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk: Friday, August 13th beginning at 7p

That magical thing which occurs when an artist sees her work up on the walls of the gallery, collected and presented in a way that never happened when the work work was stacked in her studio, took place again in our gallery with this wonderful and insightful show.

We worked with Maxine to get the show up, she went away, we put up the lettering and wall tags, set the lights. She came back the next day, took one look, and started giggling.

For the run of the show Maxine was happy, surprised, informed, expanded, brightened. The responses of others to her work, the questions about the work which surfaced during the gallery talk, remarks and comments in the guest book - all served to send Maxine well along her path as an artist.

Which is as it should be. It's what a gallery show should do for an artist. And it is our great pleasure to watch it happen.

From George Roberts:

The drawings about Maxine's relationship with her mother, and the story she told during the gallery talk, had their effect on me. I was working on a poem about looking out the window in early fall when, unexpectedly, a spoon appeared in the grass below me. It was my mother, dead seven years, back for a quick visit.