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December 5, 2009- January 9, 2010


Master print maker and longtime Homewood Studios friend, William Capel Slack, returns to our gallery with what promises to be his most interesting show so far, (and he has had three amazing shows here in the past few years).

Bill has uncovered some plates from prints he made in the eighties, when he was forty. He plans to take those plates to Highpoint Center for Printmaking during the month of November and "do something" with them, taking them to A Ho' Nuva Levo.

Besides the usual opening reception, Bill is planning something special for this show. He wants to honor arts specialists, (our local endangered species), from throughout the Twin Cities, and will host a special reception for them, combined with his Gallery Talk on Wednesday, December 16th.

Opening Reception - Saturday, December 5th from 5p to 8p

Specialists Nation & Gallery Talk - Wednesday, December 16th beginning at 6p with formal talk at 7p

Having Bill's prints in our gallery for a month allowed for some magical and important moments to transpire. The color and vibrancy of the prints invited folks in from the street for a further look. Chatting with them about Bill's process, about his issues and themes, about who he is, opened many eyes to new thoughts about art, about color, about identity, about questions one might be interested in asking...

The gallery talk was also a night for provoking and evoking deeper and more interesting questions about why we artists do what we do, about how we do it, and about how an audience responds.

As always happens, the day for taking the show down comes all too quickly. These prints, barely off the press and dry when Bill brought them in early in December, have now etched themselves in to the fabric of memory that is the history of our gallery. Our thanks to Bill for allowing them to live here for a few weeks.

From Omitunde Slack:

My brother is "a ho nuva levo." He always has been on a different plane growing up. I have always been fascinated with the process of his artistry. He is very unique in so many ways..... and I'm am not biased bcuz he is my big brother. I am so very impressed with his talent I wanted to let everyone know how much I love and appreciate his talent. MPLS is lucky to have him in their midst.