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January 11, 2010


Milo Fine drum set (bowed cymbals); John O'Brien trumpet, flugelhorn; Davu Seru drum set; Stefan Kac tuba.

Sound investigations begin at 7p. $5 donation to insure the musicians keep coming back.

begin the year with drums & brass. two of each. pull the sound down from the frozen sky. spread it like peanut butter on the eardrums.

door opens into the dark night. bus passes. the band is on the bus. the dark changes its name to tomorrow and the conductor retires. moves to mexico and changes his name.

still engaged in bringing the outside. in. baiting hooks. setting snares. digging holes. laying loops of sound to snag an errant leg. those individuals walking by the gallery windows. outside. trying hard not to look. to be the kind of cool which has nothing to do with the plunging temperature. but also nothing to do with what those souls need. as william carlos williams once wrote, people are dying for lack of what is being written on the air in here. in. side.

stand back in the shadows. down the hall from the bowed cymbal rasping like an asthmatic stork. remember the window cloth making the glass sing the cleaner it gets.

if these sounds were animal made. animal other than human. a new lexicon of biology...

when everyone concludes hold ing the same different note. lets it float there. in front of us. like a bolt of lightning that decides to linger...

something smoke like. something liquid. languid. drifts about the roiling tumbling. water could teach it how to fall. the rocks below could sing the lullabies.

a longtime. longer than a clock. finding the way back. beginning to remember. what it was like to.

could this be a hammock? coming out of his horn? could it hold us? swing all ten of us? plus the other musicians? why not.

if this were. if this were food. if this way of listening to each other was a garden. what would we call nutrition? what would be compost? take the sound after it is done being sound, living somewhere inside. but quietly. turning into something else. spirit, maybe.

when the pace changes. when the slower does. when time elongates like a rubber band pulled. when the pendulum swings more one way than the other. when the ground comes up to meet your right foot faster than it does your left. when starlight cracks its teeth on the sidewalk...

not now. he says. not now. if so. what then? not now. not now. too long. too long. not now. not long. if long. what then? too now. not so. let go. not now. let not. what now? why what? not now. not long. this now. not.

dangling at the end of a. string. easy, turning in the light. string catching light. no thought of. or even trying. just sus-pen-ded. floa-ting. lif-ting into the. next time. no time. green lime. green limb. grain climb. grand dime. tenth time. design-d by someone who could not. claim it. a-non-y-mous. dan-gling...

a slithering replaces the nothing. of a moment ago that was. not what we thought. it slides down and up. the meandering path. changing colors when it. wants nothing but to keep. moving in this languid and urgent way. two creatures speaking at once. saying the same words. in different languages. we never heard but. recognize immediately. old friends out for a. stroll along the path. meet yourself coming. from the other. way.

ticking like a clock. like a timer. like a stopwatch. stop. watch. hold still. get inside. the ticking. park your car between. this tic and that toc. roll down the windows. listen to the air move. through the metal space. don't open the. door. evaporate. through the window & into the night. wait for the next. tic. wait. wait. it is out there. coming toward you like a train with your name. on it. put your ear to the rail. feel the humming. the zing of it. how far away? how near? how full the space between?

unusual narrative. unexpected story. not like any. you have not heard this one. before. you think...maybe sin city. you think...maybe things fall apart or invisible man. you think you remember the ending. you don't.

you can't believe where you were. before. how did you get here? the steps were invisible. the landscape moved under you. and you did not notice. and yet. everything is so different now. you don't recognize it. you love it. you want to live here. but you don't know the name of the train that brought you. here. you don't even have a ticket stub. in your pocket. to begin retracing your. steps. what to do?

arrows shot up into the dark. from a golden bow. arrows invisible the moment they leave the string. each knock now a rudder. feathers the sails trimming their flight. remembering the wings of what birds they once were.

staircase. each tread and riser a different size. unexpected shifts. your feet going easily. up. not tripping. or slipping. not falling. or lolling. not swaying. or staying. moving. moving. up.

skin speaking to skin. wood to wood. each running ahead. trying to catch up. to what is behind. him. behind her. behind the door. behind the barn. behind the mountain. behind the stars. behind the...everything.

legato. easing. up to the edge. slowly. leaning out over the. carefully. curious. not hurried. all the time in the. world. to see what's. down. feet growing. roots. at the edge where you. stand. leaning more. out over the. leaning outer and. outer. seeing farther out. and farther down. beginning to under. stand. beginning to see. you didnít under. stand at all. before.

when you run. when you run on your fingertips. when you decide to run. when your fingertips intend to carry you. far. fast & faster. when it is time to be. right here not. someplacewhereelse. and your fingertips desire to run. itch to. run. then what? then there is a clicking. a knocking together. the boxes of intention. the boxes of wish. and want to. the boxes of when. and when not. the strings. ties the boxes. together. into a vest, a jacket. into a suit of boxes. you wear the suit to a party. you are the guest. of honor. no one else is. there. you are. happy.

what is hit, you caress. what is blown, you tap. what is thrust, you leave. what is struck, you bow. what is said, you bend. what is spun, you point. what is taped, you erase. what is sung, you stretch. what is hurried, you slow. what is rolled, you stack. what is placed, you fling. what is caressed, you smash. what is fitted, you force. what is flying, you ground. what is stirred, you shatter. what is afraid, you release. what is buried, you release. what is forgotten, you release. what is lost, you invite. what is not, you.

the way a worm moves through the earth. the way the rain finds the worm's path. the way neither worm nor rain knows anything. about us.

if you know what you are doing. the way the wind knows what it does. and your brush flies out of your hand. you catch it. retrieve it. hold it even. with you eyes. closed. all in less than a part. of a second. a piece of time. the wind knows not.