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June 6, 2009


Talk-About, a quarterly series of book conversations, continues on Saturday, June 6th at Homewood Studios (2 o'clock to 3:30 p.m., 2400 Plymouth Avenue, Minneapolis), with local writer and teacher, Alexs Pate.

Pate, Professor of African American Studies at the University of Minnesota, is the author of many novels including Amistad and Multicultiboho Sideshow. He also writes non-fiction and is a performer who has co-written and starred in films and plays.

His first non-fiction book, Heart of the Beat: The Poetry of Rap will be published this summer. Alexs has written the foreword to a new memoir by Gordon Parks and an introduction to Mahmoud El-Kati's new book, Hiptionary. His most recent novel, West of Rehoboth was selected as "Honor Fiction Book" for 2002 Black Caucus of the American Library Association.

For Talk-About Alexs will be reading from a young adult novel in progress about a black pirate captain in the 1700's and will be talking about hip hop and rap and, if there is time, about innocence and African American men. As was true in the first session of Talk-About, all are welcome to this dialogue whether they have or have not read the works of the author.

Note: An important aspect of Talk-About is the effort to gather ideas from others in the community for books to be discussed. Choices might range from poetry to prose, from fiction to memoir to biography to history, modern or classic. Suggestions may be submitted at any time to George Roberts at Homewood Studios.