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February 19, 2010- March 10, 2010

GRATITUDE: 10th Anniversary Show

A wonderful and amazing collection of artists have been in residence / or are currently in residence at Homewood Studios. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have invited all of them to contribute work to a show. Fourteen artists have agreed to participate, responding to the theme of the exhibition, Gratitude, with drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, hand made and altered books, hand made dolls, and carved gourds.

Gala Reception - Friday, February 26th from 6p to 9p. Everyone welcome.

This delightful and engaging show came and went as quickly as did the last ten years, it seems. No more had we put the show up than it was time to take it down. Fortunately, Karl Reichert at the Capri Theater viewed the show on opening night and has invited us to move a portion of it to his theater for three months.

The pleasure was all ours, while the show was up, to wander the gallery each day, becoming more and more immersed in the work, in what the work says about the artists who have spent time as residents in our space. Each has imparted something of their energy and spirit to that feeling people often remark, upon entering, of a "palpable sense of belonging."

Somewhere along the way in the past ten years we adopted the phrase, "You don't have to leave your community to find good art." This show attests, in the strongest terms possible, to the truth of that thought. Our thanks to each of the fourteen artists who contributed to the success, not only of Gratitude, but to our general hope of bringing art and the lives of artists into focus in North Minneapolis.

From Tony Roberts:

What a wonderful collection of amazing work. Sifting through the history of Homewood Studios was eye opening. Visiting the artists in their studios during the opening reception was a treat. This show renews excitement about what has happened here over the last 10 years and heightens anticipation about what will happen over the next 10.