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October 9, 2009- October 25, 2009

DIRK NELSON: Drawing & Sculpture

Our good friend, Rose Kadera Vastila (who had a very successful show here in November), recommended a new artist to us. Dirk Nelson. We looked at his work on line and decided to invite him to have a show. And he agreed.

Opening Reception - Friday, October 9th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, October 13th beginning at 7p

Dirk also sent along this artist's statement about his work:

I love the act of drawing, I love the immediacy, the intimacy, and the honesty of drawing. I love to watch images appear on the page and grow and refine.

I'm not a studio artist; I'm seldom without paper and pencil - I work wherever I am. It's not a separate part of my life. I use materials that I come across in other facets of my life: business note pads, wood repair plastics, drafting formatted paper, found objects, grapevine tendrils sidewalk and street patches.

My drawings usually concern the figure, drawing, and/or sculpture. I prefer to draw from a model (life drawing session, strip club, pool hall, food court at the mall); I like to react to a presence. But I also draw from imagination and sometimes from TV or other canned images (photos, prints, paintings, sculpture).

I usually choose to work in a hand-sized scale. For drawings, I like being able to see the whole work in one glance. For sculpture, I like being able to hold the works in my hand. The scale makes the pieces extremely portable and I can work on them wherever, whenever I have a stolen moment.

I think the scale makes them more private and intimate, even in a public setting, you have to be close to the object and essentially alone in the viewing. I think it gives them a feeling of a household object, a personal piece, perhaps even a burial object similar to small Egyptian and Grecian sculptures. I seldom work with multiples each piece is unique, each piece is a new experience.

My work is process oriented. I enjoy the sensuous experience of working with the tools, materials, and forms. I like to allow the tools, materials and processes to have a voice in the final product. My work is a dialog, not a monologue and I enjoy it when the conversation takes a surprising turn. In my work area, I keep small wax figures and forms that are easily altered to use as the basis for new drawings or sculptures. I experiment a lot and cultivate chance occurrences that may suggest new directions or connections. For instance, I draw with clear wax resist that doesn't reveal itself until I add a colored wash, or I erase heavily and let the smudges suggest alterations or completely new forms.

There is nothing exciting or erotic about the predictable.