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September 10, 2009- September 21, 2009

The Timeless Art of Seduction - Recent Work by John Mahnke

Themes of attraction / repulsion revolving around the human form provide the inspiration for recent drawings and paintings by Jon Mahnke. The work is constructed through a repetitive, rhythmic drawing practice that evokes the artist's hand and gesture.

We met Jon at an earlier show at Homewood Studios. His work interested us and the only question was when...

As Jon was hanging this show, he allowed he wanted a spare look. With his fourteen pieces in our gallery, which usually accommodates twenty-five to thirty-five pieces, there was considerable wall space between each drawing. And it worked, to my eye, extremely well.

The drawings in this show invited languorous but focused attention. I found it easy to stand in front of one of the drawings for fifteen or twenty minutes, as if in meditation.

With all shows, taking them down is a difficult thing to do. We become attached to the work while it is up in our gallery. This show has been no different in that respect.