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September 25, 2009- October 7, 2009

MAARJA ROTH: Neighboring Goddesses

Longtime friend and former Homewood Studios resident artist, Maarja Roth, has invited many of the dolls she has created over the past several years to a "tea party" at Homewood Studios.

We are, of course, enlivened by the prospect of Maarja's amazing energy, her engaging vision, and her wonderful artwork returning to our space.

Maarja plans to collect many of the dolls she has made and sent out into the world over the years, then to sit with them in the gallery and let them talk to her. By the time of the public reception, their recent histories will be part of the work Maarja brings to the show.

Public Reception - Thursday, October 1st from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, October 6th beginning at 7

A storytelling / finding your goddess (or god) workshop will occur near the end of the show or shortly after it closes. Watch for details. In fact, e-mail us about your interest.