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August 11, 2009- September 5, 2009

YOLANDA MCCRARY: Seven of Us, and Him

Neighborhood resident and artist, and longtime supporter of Homewood Studios, Yolanda (Yo) McCrary has at last "crossed that bridge" and is ready to show her art work. We have known she has been at work for years making art, seeing the world - the people and things in it - through her particular vision. As her neighbors, we are excited for Yolanda and anxious to see the show up in our community.

You can check out her work on her Facebook page

Opening Reception Friday, August 14th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk Tuesday, August 18th beginning at 7p

With most shows in our gallery, take-down day is a difficult one. We have been privileged to spend a few weeks - day in and day out - in the presence of the art and so have come to know it intimately.

For Seven of Us, and Him, Yolanda's show, the feeling of sadness at the end of the run is even more pronounced because Yo is a neighbor, and her work has a presence among us which does not occur all that often. In addition, because she is so well-connected to several segments of our community - from the Hennepin County commissioners and staff to local neighbors and friends - Yolanda's work brought many new visitors in to our gallery.

We watched the emotions ripple through Yolanda as we packed up her art. We felt those emotions ourselves. The best remedy for these feelings? New work, another show!

From Yolanda C McCrary:

How do I express what I experienced in my first show? This was one of the most spectacular occurrences in my life, never to be forgotten. George and Bev were wonderful and so helpful; The art showed extremely well; and Our Community/Neighbors welcomed me with open arms and heart. Huge thanks to everyone who attended, those who walked by and appreciated viewing it from the window, those who planned to attend but was not able to make it, and all my family and friends for supporting me as I Came Out.....! Smooches!