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July 13, 2009


Chapter four of the 2009 IM at HS series. Milo Fine: drum set jr., orchestra chimes, B flat clarinet, E flat clarinet, Viv Corringham: voice (electronics), Davu Seru cello, violin, Jason S. Shapiro: synthesizer.

Explorations begin promptly at 7p. $5 admission fee to pay the guides' honorarium.

use whatever energy. employ what you have, not what you wish. when a bear lumbers across the silence the mushrooms get hiccups. when stars punctuate the night sky. when skin stretches thin on the wire frame. when the farmer becomes. and when the seasons grow confused, reading the calendar backwards...

if a didgeridoo, then two monkeys. if a hollowed out log, then a giraffe. if a barrel rolling downhill...

only one can initiate an avalanche. only one. one. a pebble on a slope in colorado dislodged by global plates nudging each other under the indian ocean. every thing connects. my shoelaces flutter in the wind. the light rail train on its way to the airport sways on its rails, turns slightly east / then west, its wheels keening against the iron rails. where are we going?

the string stretched. like light. between two silver rods. strummed itself, the string did, with the shiny pick of memory. a history of heartbeat. then...

a raucous barking. delightful yelp. undercurrent of thinking in poker chip noises. the train, a loaded taconite train, one hundred cars long, on a mild grade thrums up the valley walls. a road grader driving up the side of the mountain. small mountain, yes, but still a hefty grade for maintaining traction.

[editorial observation: the voice is growing stale. flirts with the hortatory tone too often. needs something fresh. something out of the energy of the musicians, the players...]

without the if when over and under threads the needle of desire. blond pitchforks nestle in the meadow, making a bower for the blue-loving bird of my colored pencils. "he's a good little guy. just requires my full attention, all the time." signals passing silver threads through the air above me. secrets kept off the ground with clothespins and paperclips. snapshots of the moon hooting at an owl sitting on the edge of my roof. the smell of locust berries spiraling out of the earth into the night air. a train leaves the station every six minutes.

pry up a rock. finger the edges. it hurts. lift. strain. breathe. through your teeth. children in bright t-shirts look on but do not understand. you are seeking a new language. a fresh vocabulary. something bred from mountain sound and typewriter dreams. lift the rock. scrape your fingers on its wet, ragged edges. watch it flop over and thump. tiny creatures scurry in the damp soil craving dark again. craving pressure from above. unnerved by light and less gravity. there is a stairway going down in to the earth. into the dark and unknown spaces. what will the new story be? what will the new story? what will the new?

snap. click. pfutt. squipp. noodle noodle noodle. trip. slip. split. flit. fate. great. grate. eat. sleep. slap. slide. blink. clink. chip. trip. snap. quip. blink. blank. blood. spun splun splundt splint. splash wash wish squint scramble slope sunder smitten. slice slant. clank bump. tumble wander splinter thunder stomp. stomp. tether wicken widen smitten slightly. sprightly whisper mumble slobber widen window magnet molten morning midden maiden minted mortised minioned pinioned printed. proofed folded flattened fixed filed & faded. plated plotted pinched pocked prodded stricken blunted. forgiven!

nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooonnnnnnnnn hhhaahahaaaaaaaaa thththththththaa tha hannnhannn
hhhaaananan then hanhann annannnnannnnannnl anat anttttt ntla anth anth anthem

ding. scroll. ping. wheeee. pincus. plaything. parting shot. ping. scring. droll. phooo. put. place. lace. lice. slice. like. linger. slither. stumble. slander. pander. planter. sprinter. sphincter. splinter. spangle. splash. crash. lash. list. slip. slap. snap. brink. brine. pin plat. pleat. bleak. blip. bop. be-drop. snap. crack. bake. cupcake. ponder. nightcap. wave slap. time slip. back flip. space ship. whooooooosh.

start w/gone. end at the beginning. begin with nothing. the cup is empty. the cup hold she shape of nothing. inside. inside is darkness. darkness knows the notes. darkness will sing. will slap the skin, tap the wood, pluck the string. will silence the doubter, encourage the shouter, convert the wicked, and tie up the true believe in her own questions.

from far back in the crowd. fro even farther back in time. from out of the darn lens of memory. from under the stone of forgetting. out of the folded map of previously. with the closed book of before. under the spread blanket of until. later than all that. but not before before. in other words, right now and right now and right now...

languorous. limpid. squishy. laconic. lugubrious. mellifluous. metamorphic. philanthropic. pancreatic. photogenic. phosphorescent. evanescent. luminescent. broken crescent. moon & six pieces of cheese. tomorrow’s name is never...

step. pause. pace. pause. hop. pause. pause. skip. slip. pause. step step. pause. jump leap. stop. open the spigot. wait. splash. stop. step. slip. stop[. step. step. slip. flop. splat. split. break. broken

last ray of red sunlight lands on a spider's leg. spider on a branch outside my window. like moonlight on a power line in the desert. the message arrived by magic. the meaning depends upon what we bring to the banquet of ears. torso howso whynot if so facto factotum totem pole jelly roll fish flop light drop light into broken glass sparkle like this music.

sometimes it takes. then again and why? not your usual. under the table with. than the noise. something kept saying. or i thought it was. maybe not...

hundreds of feet shuffling in the sand. sand sprinkled on the board walk. feet belonging to ants. (do ants have feet?) (or just the end of leg?) either way, the scurrying makes sound sufficient to ring the bells in the church spire on fire with vibration. new nation, under noting, devoted to risk, to jumping off the cliff, to asking the question with no answer. but don't stop there. go back to the. where the notion is uncovered. the fledgling teeters at the nest’s edge, looking down and learning the word "if."

ouch. bite. ouch. retch. bleat. scammph. screech. split. spliff. stop