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May 11, 2009


Improvisations on a burgeoning spring. Milo Fine - drum set (bowed cymbals), B fat clarinet (electronics), E flat clarinet, Charles Gillett - guitar, Stefan Kac - tuba.

This trio of the IM at HS regulars begins their inviting work right at 7p. $5 admission fee to remind us all what fame is and what fame is not.

7:05 just words...

7:14 lament for the lost makers: where are those who taught us what we have not fully learned yet? their voices remain with. their energy as well. how is it we say they are 'gone'? we walk on such a narrow plane. above & below reside other worlds as full if not more. what we call music...sound, energy, vibration. the sound a centipede makes with each legfoot as it comes down on the old wood of the old maple floor.

7:24 a larger beast. larger than a tuba decides to. after another noise. between maple trees on the boulevard. tiny green seeds between its toes muting the rattle of its grimy nails on the sidewalk while. the noise of a new ring forming in the wood of the tree. full of. and the winds of forgetfulness folding over us...

7:28 in the switching yard, where i was a child, before the laws said otherwise. larry & i skipped school to count boxcars slamming against one another in the. imagine where they. we never got caught. but that was before the laws. before the television. before what we have now...

7:34 waves of vibration jump & spin &. bleat & break & whip. while under the surface the heart bark of cells dividing...notice each other...divide again without saying goodbye. loose track of whom they have looked at. whom more than twice... a bluegreen thread. looped into a golden needle...flits like a dragon fly. knits disparate & individual bits into something. some see the needle coming & hide. others willingly. everyone exchanges names. everyone forgets. everyone. every. one.

7:41 a shift under ground. a question. about stability. stones on the surface answer. vibrate, then topple. rolling downhill. the grass. the grass. before & after. remembering the weight of stones for a moment. then forgetting. because...

7:46 take inventory. find a tight spot. breathe. find another. breathe breathe. this sound - a new breath. take it in. in-spire. a small boy sits near me, engrossed. in a graphic novel. his mother nods her head. finding the vibration. the energy. engrossed as well. the sound enters her. not her son. where is he?

7:48 a wayward steamship glides into its berth near missy's apartment. the city of new york disappears. when the whistle. porpoises, accompanying the ship since mid-ocean, purchase one-week subway passes and begin. when the rain at night lights on the street sparkle. the ocean. the moon lost in the fish's wake awake awash away... not on the street wet with lights. inside the red spiders breath.

7:59 game theory guys posit a pattern to the way water drops off leaves off a maple tree. a knowable, identifiable, write-downable pattern. does it matter? the truth? or does it matter how we hear the sound? where it goes inside us? what it means when it. arrives. at that new landscape. where grass grows blue, air breathes yellow, clouds float metal, thoughts taste peanut butter, thirst forgets everything... where a simple cup of water might be. a symphony. a math problem. a young girl walking past the gallery wondering. what is happening to her inside this field of sculpted sound? muted by the large glass walls but still. taking hold of her enough. make her face change shape. twice.

8:07 a bell. ringing. not now. was. the sound still. here. the bell. gone

8:14 time out. to observe a neighborhood drug deal going down

8:16 tiptoe. through the tuba. drag your thoughts back. forget what's outside. breathe again. think about breathing instead of. tomorrow on a bicycle.

8:20 drop your laundry money...shiny quarters...on the table. accept dirty clothes for a few more. focus your camera on the sound. take pictures of the noise. record the sculpture. fill the doggy bag. with leftover music.

8:24 birds come back. spring time. resume the conversation. resume the question. where is my dinner? & the worm, asleep so long through the cold below. cannot resist. sun warms its. draws the little worm up. toward the surface. the end.

8:32 old japanese practice : running water, a dipper & a fulcrum, a rock. clonk! run the deer out of the garden. orchids so edible. purples & creams & reds so sonorous. on their bending stems. clonk! so unexpected. the deer. so gone.

8:34 the sound maple trees make. growing. nestle your ear to the bark. wait. all these sounds will come to. close you eyes. wait. see...the tree. wait. open your eyes. a pool of lime green seeds around you.

8:40 my friend felix. stayed a while inside this. then got on his bike. took some vibration with him. even if he isn't sure. i am. not in his back pack. not in his pocket. laced into the spokes of the wheels. inside his heart. can't get away without. feeling it. can't.

8:43 the security alarm is not. it is charles' guitar. on his lap & festooned. with electronic jewelry. altered. pretending. pretending what? give it another name. call it emergency. perhaps police will show up and ask. they will be confused. they were not here for the beginning. explanations won't. the old pendulum clock swings. back & around. back & through. back & & ...