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March 9, 2009


Milo Fine, series curator, offers an evening of on-the-spot / in-the-moment music in the higher registers. Milo Fine: electronic piano (electronics), B flat clarinet, alto clarinet, Scott Newell: tenor sax, voice, drawings, Davu Seru: drum set, and Jason S. Shapiro: synthesizer.

Musicians begin exploring at 7p. $5 admission fee to help defray the costs of living between gigs.

7:08 (late start) when ice decides to melt, sound fragments into shards of memory. not identifiable as image, but as im or ge. ice remembers something it knew a moment ago. remembers a moment ago no longer.

7:13 night waits, seven shades of blue away. there are stops. along the way toward stars become.

7:17 but not everything when. every thing in motion. even in ice. even in memory. even in far away. even in screaming. even in tolerance. even in shoes under the. even when. even not. even before clocks. even before sun. even before after. even before cuckoos. even before chairs. even before wrists. even before floors or cashews. even.

7:22 when do we stop? hearing. when do we stop? knowing we are hearing. what do we listen with? besides our. maybe our intestines. maybe our name is not "mouth at both ends" but "ear at each end. and fingernails. sounding boards perhaps...

7:27 something in the air does not like waiting. pushing outward in seven directions in.

7:29 be it ought. if that when. one hundred thousand footprints. on the same. tile design in the street. each a memory of a story of. each a footprint on a fingernail. nothing else. only sound. ing board skimming the surface of. no where every where any where only where to go. everything decided in the moment of deciding. before: an afterthought. after:not possible. one of the nine names of time...

7:35 true democracy requires an informed listener. (sorry, thomas.) one who knows how to be in the present. how to open her ears and leave them open. how to have an ear at each end of her being. how to pass sound through her, self, knowing nothing will be the same. nothing is the same.

7:40 if electric pianos. if the cars outside. if the falling dark. if the wooden drumsticks. if richard. if sarah. if silence or near silence. if the desert where a cactus and sand. or if the desert where a city... if the noise of a star. if sawdust. if elephants and their respect for the elephant dead. if keith and his children. if a farm in michigan. if morenga. if a village in africa. if ankles. if knuckles. if sidecars on old harleys careening through the. if thunder. if rain. if after. if still ness. if stones. if fingernails. if rolling. if cats. if lettuce. if a window. then what?

7:48 subtract the name. what is sound then? electric piano with the amp turned off. fingers dancing keys into... subtract the sound. what the piano then? a foot stomping the floor. subtract the floor. what the foot? a way to walk across the room. subtract the room. where the saxophone? hanging by a thread. subtract the thread. where the drum? inside the window. subtract the oh. wind. inside the wind. subtract the leaves moving. subtract dust lifting off the album cover. subtract the book dropped on the sidewalk. pages flipping open and back, open, then back...open th... subtract back. read the book. with your ears. with an ear at each end of your alimentary canal. eat sound. shit sound. subtract.

8:03 saliva you dump from your horn. the way you slump on your stool. the way the cymbals fade... ringing in the bones. wishing to remember. but. can't. too much now is now. and the guy with the camera? what will he? what will the rest of us?

8:07 cast your potato chips into bells. melt down your shutters and cast bells. cast bells from broken sparkplugs. from cracked window sills cast bells. cast bells. cast bells. cast. bells.

8:10 i really will! something. do it. now. really. something. now do. it really. will it. big talker. really will. do it. the some. thing do. it do. do do...

8:17 are you thinking notes? or gestures? constellations of notes? or stanzas? notes or passages? questions of phrases? notes of possibilities? how many possibilities? and now seven possibilities later, how many? notes? or questions?

8:20 you make a face at the silence. you drop your chin into the silence. you wag your head, disturbing the air around the silence. you, and you, and you , and you too, pick up that silence and shake it. breath it. read it. hit it. bend it. stretch it. roll it around the tip of your. fold it into an origami suitcase full of. slide it under the door. hang it on the silver hook of. light a match to it. take a bath in it. eat a lemon around it. make a wish for it. crack an egg with it. scrape your finger along its. rub wax on it. pour water under. drop towels onto the pool of. slip blotters onto the spilled. squeegee the silence into a corner. give it a name. call it intent.

8:30 hit your nose. blow your head in the sand. bury an ear. lend your fingers. snap of thumb. rule your toe. tap a leg. break our head. scratch your toes. curl a bended knee. bend your back. break your brow. sweat of your hair. stand your ass on end. kick tail and run. turn your nose. flick of an ankle. twist our eye. wrinkle your wrist. blink your forehead. hit a tooth. chip your neck. pain in the brow. blow your crazy bone.

8:44 seven pebbles in the stream. currents pushing, rolling, jouncing, nudging, sliding. them around in under over around back through. three plus four. two plus five. like that. sound washing out of the stones as they move. move washing out of the sound as it stones. of out the stone move wash the ing as it of out.