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January 12, 2009


This rewarding and always unexpected series continues into 2009, our sixth year, with Milo Fine: drum set (bowed cymbals), Davu Seru: drum set, John O'Brien: trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics), and Stefan Kac tuba.

Improvisation begins at 7p. $5 admission fee to encourage the musicians to appear at Homewood Studios again in the future.

six inches of fresh powder snow • hard driving for davu and john • starting fourteen minutes late • late for the first time in the series

7:16 symmetry around the exploration: to brass instruments (tube / flugelhorn-trumpet)
flanked by two drum sets. two audience. trumpet tones sliding downhill, costing across a snow-coated meadow. all appears still, serene, moon lit. below, immeasurable perturbation. deep beneath the snow, fire tumbles stones into liquid. molten breath pushes the blazing lava through fissures upward, toward waiting snowfields. somewhere between fire and snow the stones remember their more solid form and slow…slow…slow down. fire below cold above. moments of wavering, twitching back and forth, surviving and slowing. toward…what? continuation of the cycle…

7:26 the same gargantuan chrome and black semi that sent bruce almighty careening
toward the truth he so resolutely resisted drove through the gallery just now, offering the same brand of salvation…

7:34 syntax slips in the. grammar tips over. bows untie themsel—tweak blink twitter
sliding boom drop comb since twist the under because when time clicks back and when not around and although in winter if tomorrow won’t. soft and not soft beat against. four drumsticks talking to. the sting of brass bells sways quietly in the.

7:43 legato
everything…slows… pendulum. a door takes. then a word. someone. someone else. sklit. bing. hooo-om. splizz umple bang bang. tomorrow is too. much above the cost. pinch split crest. whoosh whisper tote toke. when the green again. soft-ly. footprints perspire dreaming not. ice moves over water remembering the.

750 we remain her past expectation. quiet ssshhh. the spinning of the. on its axis.
okay. not too fast. like northern lights doing. glowing scarves of sound. suspend. tiptoe. spectral green.

7:58 two strangers full of night. something far away and headed. a thousand ping
pong balls on a thousand cocked mousetraps waiting for. the secret growling. add two cups of flour, some yeast, salt. cherries begin to name themselves. spring is four months away. at least.

8:03 conversationnn with brussshes. ! plunges, later into. but, for a splendid
suspended while…

8:13 always begins with a heartbeat. dance arrives. birds arrive. and leave. the last
train. until we forget our. cell phones won’t tell us. old time phone lines catch moonlight. you have to be in the right. place you hand on your. hear it?

8:25 what began is. unrecognizable now as. two and two is. more than we thought.
shake hands with the golden cymbal. pass the bell across. wander into the dark. drop you sticks. let the bells call you back.

8:32 flight of the backwards. in winter: bumblebee be careful! the cold will frost your.
stirring the. mixing the. pouring. the baking then. and finally. the bee takes a cab. late for the race. no one minds. the starter forgot his gun. everybody begins. when they wish. each in her own time. everyone declares themselves. a winter.

8:44 symmetry dissipated. replaced by something more. five in the audience. all
those receptive ears. pathways down the dark hall of memory.