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February 3, 2009- February 28, 2009

AMY EGENGBERGER: 365+ / doll ways to day

Northside resident, artist and teacher, Amy Egenberger, brings dolls and more dolls to Homewood Studios gallery for a view into what doll making can tell us about living a thoughtful, reflective life.

Opening Reception - Saturday, February 7th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, February 10th beginning at 7p

Family/Community Dollmaking Workshop - Sunday, February 22nd from 2p to 4p

Living with this pantheon of doll spirits for a month has been a revelation. I made plans, when the show was first up, to look carefully at one month of dolls each time I came into the gallery. More than once I selected a month, began viewing and reading and feeling, and it was not until I was several days/dolls into the month before I realized I'd done this month once already. Every visit to the show was a new visit. What I brought with me and what was there in each doll - fresh each time...

This show was one of the best attended shows in our history. The guest book is full of page after page of gratitude for the work Amy did in visualizing and creating these spirits.