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May 22, 2009- June 7, 2009


Two friends, a painter and a potter, who admire each others' work, decided to explore the intersections between their ideas and aesthetic senses. Below is a statement from Sandy Baines about their project as of the beginning of December 2008.

Marion Angelica, a potter, and Sandy Baines, a painter, admired each others work and decided to explore the intersections between their ideas and aesthetic sensibilities. The collaborative process began in January 2007 with a commitment to meet on a regular basis to view and talk about our work. Posing questions to one another has proven to be of great value, stimulating our artistic approaches and ultimately enriching the creative process.

We tried working directly from each others' work in our own media, which proved challenging and had mixed results. Alternately, we decided to continue to respond and talk about the work as it evolved. Our conversations and insights into each others' processes gave us each a new vocabulary and perspective to bring to our own artistic paths. We have learned that because of our different media, we face distinct technical challenges to achieve the same goal. Sandy's understanding of color has influenced Marion's development of her palette for her pottery and Marion's spirited eye for creative exploration of composition and design elements has served as an inspiration and role model for Sandy as she worked through an artistic block.

Throughout this journey we have discovered many intersections between us such as our shared love of line, shape and flow. Our show will be an opportunity to enlarge the dialogue about our individual artistic paths and the intersections between them with family, friends and colleagues.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 22nd from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk: Tuesday, May 26th beginning at 7p

Closing Party:Saturday, June 6th from 6p to 9p