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August 15, 2008

Penny-Cotton Duo: An Evening of Afro-Euro-Latin Jazz

John Penny played a solo concert at Homewood Studios about a year ago. Everyone present then is still vibrating from the evening's sounds. About this new performance, John writes:

Paul Cotton will be joining me in the performance on bass. We will perform some new Euro-Latin textured compositions that have matured since I originally "found them" (composed them). These songs have matured in that during performances, I have taken note of their assertions of new possibilities. The newly asserted possibilities bring some arranged and/or impromptu enhancements to the songs. The addition of Paul Cotton will further flavor these songs I will also sing a combination of Brazilian classics in Portuguese and American classics. The output of this Guitar/Bass Duo could be loosely labeled Afro-Euro-Latin Jazz. Our group name however is, the Penny-Cotton Duo derived from our English surnames. I would like to reserve the right to abandon preplanning and play from real-time inspiration too. I will speak briefly about music and performance, but this night will be as they say, more music, less talk.

The evening begins at 7p. $5 admission to defray the musicians' expenses.