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July 1, 2008- July 31, 2008


Following last year's highly successful 12 Hmong Artists: Throwing Pebbles in the Pond, everyone - including participating artists, audiences, HArC staff members and Homewood Studios artistic directors - agreed another show of Hmong artists would be a good idea. Hmong culture is steeped in traditional arts, but its language does not have a word for what contemporary artists are undertaking in their work. Bringing these new forms of art into the public eye is extremely important for encouraging Hmong people themselves to explore what it means to be Hmong in America, and for a wider audience to begin to know these courageous images.

REmix is that follow up show.

Co-presented by the Hmong Arts Connection (HArC), formerly Hmong American Institute for Learning (HAIL), and Homewood Studios, REmix: Intergenerational Hmong Art Exhibition is inspired by the rich art created by our elders - intricate needlework, poetic singing and instrumental music, oral storytelling, carpentry, blacksmithing and silversmithing. REmix bridges the gap between Hmong intergenerational artists of all ages. Elder and younger artists are challenged to rediscover their art by reclaiming, reinterpreting, reinventing, and rejuvenating Hmong arts, from the traditional to the contemporary.

PUBLIC RECEPTION: Friday, July 4, from 6p to 9p

PUBLICATION READING: Saturday, July 19, 6:30pm to 9pm ** Ka Vang reading her newest publication Riding Shotgun: Women Write About Their Mothers. The event will also feature readings by local author, Shannon Olson, and will be hosted by Hmong actress, Katie Ka Vang.

CLOSING RECEPTION: Friday, July 25, 6pm to 9pm **Featured elder artist to be announced.

PUBLIC WORKSHOP: Saturday, July 26, from 4p to 8p -- making Hmong Story Cloth. **Paj ntaub (pa dow, Hmong needlework) workshop with paj ntaub artist Yer Yang during the Northside Art Flow

(See this review from the Twin Cities Daily Planet: Art note: Intergenerational exhibit REmixes Hmong traditions)

From Richard Amos:

Silent Cry blew me away, while I love the colors of Time of Falling Leaves. And Kingdom's watercolors, oh my God, they touched my soul with vibrant, exploding, rich colors and subject matter.