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April 17, 2009- May 19, 2009

PEYTON: Homecoming - looking back :: thinking ahead

It is with great pride we announce the first show of work by Peyton in Minneapolis in more than five years. Since he was a vastly promising student at North Community High School, we have watched Peyton grow in his art and in his commitment to North Minneapolis. He is co-founder of Juxtaposition Arts, a stellar organization committed to helping young people find their identity through art-making. Peyton took a sabbatical from art for a few years to become a member of the U.S. Kickboxing team. He returned from his sojourn in North Carolina in late 2007, opened his studio. Some of his signature screen prints, some of his three-dimensional work, some process documents and some new work will comprise this long awaited show. Well worth seeing. Maybe twice.

Public Reception Thursday, April 23rd from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk Tuesday, May 12th beginning at 7p

Taking down Peyton's show was a bittersweet experience. The work, much of it familiar to us, the unique process, grew richer and richer each day as we wandered through the gallery. By the end of the run, all the pieces were old friends and saying goodbye to them was difficult.

On the other hand, the show did, as we had hoped, re-ignite Peyton's passion for making art. Like any artist who gets to see his work up on a gallery wall, a magic happens instilling the work with its most profound power.

During the run of Homecoming, Peyton had a kick-boxing match for the national championship. He won. That he could create and hang a show and win a martial arts contest all at the same time shows us what a talented and focused young artist he is. We anticipate his new work with baited breath.