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July 14, 2008


Come view the second annual Hmong Artists show and then listen to some of the Improvised Music as Homewood Studios regular musicians create another moment of sound exploration.

Milo Fine: marimba (electronics), orchestra chimes Davu Seru: cello, violin Viv Corringham: voice, electronics, sampler Jason S. Shapiro: synthesizer

Music commences at 7p. $5 admission to assure the musicians we will listen with both ears and our willing heart.

an ocean under these smooth stones breathes like magma steaming to the surface. iron, calcium, soil, rock bend to the ocean’s voice. move closer together. condense. no room to sway or dance, yet there is wind snaking through the porous thoughts of living matter…

stop reaching for what to write, what to say, what to play. let go of expectation, of intention. sound, as you are inclined, by the sound around you. forever and with of able banana break the impassioned conductor breaking into whale song at the glowing tip of his baton. tramcars slamming at race tracks in the isles of impedimenta. broken feet dance without pain, turn their bones into flutes and fly music into the sky…

so see sa pie. so sup sup. so sap sap sup slip hop. hope sleep slither wonder stop. screak seek whip walk wake slake dunder blink twink wink zither slipper slip knot knock crack break bounce bubble. slither wither weather wander rancor enk. enk ink enk oink enk enk enk. mn. mn mn mn mn mn. more more more. when when wen wane drain drink slink honk hork. squeet squee-eee-ee-t.t.t. run run run run jump run run row row round swim stamp.

these players - violin, voice, electronic keyboard, clarinet - ask the same question a novelist like c.j. coetzee or Harlan Ellison asks. does an ordinary person, deprived of the illusions which usually support her, begin to find what it means to be human? what is the distance between care and love? how much does disgrace weigh and where will it lead us? is the loss of a limb similar to the loss of conventions? without social contracts agreed upon somewhere in the past, how would / should we listen to each other? what is taking a risk? and after the risk, what?

thought occurs during practice. intention. technique. evaluation and judgment. performance demands hands, fingers, voice to move ahead of thought, faster than thinking. to forsake intention, abandon judgment. performance tumbles us all, players and listeners, into the present, the ongoing only not later not before right now!