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May 12, 2008


Milo Fine, curator of the Improvised Music at Homewood Studios series, invites a new musician - Wendy Ultan - into the series family.

Milo Fine: electric piano, clarinets / Davu Seru: drum set / Stefan Kac: tuba / Wendy Ultan: violin, viola

Music begins at 7p. $5 admission to thank the musicians for practicing several hours to prepare for this evening's musical explorations.

Wendy adds an interesting dynamic to the Improvised Music family. Her playing is at once thoughtful and unrestrained. Strong bowing and strong plucking often took the lead and sent the music into unexpected places. Milo at the electric piano played some unusually slow and harmonic lines.

7:20 somewhere between a cyclone & an earthquake the vibrations become edible. breathing in with open mouth creates a fluttering on the palate not unlike riding a parachute in a perfidious wind, or like the buzz in my shoes as the floor sends the music along underground channels. then the giraffe sneezes and everyone falls silent. time to change clothes...

7:40 birds (what kind of birds?) and bass accordions. charlie parker birds. thelonius monk birds. juan miro birds. romare bearden birds. leonard baskin birds and charlie mingus birds. all meeting in the gravel road just beyond the silence...

7:48 temple drums summon vermilion figures from the stones inside the mountain. their puff slippers scuffle as they run toward albion moonlight.

8:16 what breathes when everything - every creature, every word, every wind and every stream, every road and every basement - longs to be still? several people get off the green bus at the wrong stop and begin walking this way then that, testing the direction of their ambiguity...