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October 13, 2007


What happens to a book when it outlives its purpose on the library shelf?

It gathers dust in a back room...or goes into a storage box...or perhaps into the trash. However, if it falls into the right hands, it is transformed into something entirely new, an art object that may or may not resemble its original form as a book. Such an ALTERED BOOK receives new life, new purpose from those "right" hands.

Do you have two "right" hands?

Please come and explore the world of ALTERED BOOKS at Homewood Studios on Saturday, October 13th, from 1p to 4p. This community workshop for children (ages 10 and up), young adults and adult family members will begin with 30-40 minutes of introduction to options, ideas, tools and materials. The remaining time will be given over to exploring, "sketching" ideas into a practice book, and then beginning on an altered book project.

All materials, including sketchbook and project book will be provided, however, participants are encouraged to bring individual materials — including photographs, pictures from magazines, other paper objects (such as lists, ticket stubs, old family documents, etc.), and small trinkets that would add a personal touch to individual projects. You may also bring an old book, one with special meaning for you, is you wish, and learn how to alter it with your own vision.

There is no charge for the Altered Books for Kids and Families workshop, but a phone call to Homewood Studios (612 587-0230) indicating your interest would help us plan for the event and would be much appreciated.

Though not well-attended, (there were six of us, including the instructor and an intern assistant), the day was a great success if measured in terms of enthusiasm, creativity, surprise. We gathered in the downstairs open studio and worked on pages and books, each making something new out of something supposedly used up. All left after three hours, an altered book in the making, ready to complete the work in the next couple of months and place it in the January show upstairs in the gallery.