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April 22, 2008- May 3, 2008

TWO LIVES: Sixth Annual Northside Faculty Art Show


As a way of saying thank you to those special individuals - teachers, administrators, clerks and secretaries, janitors and bus drivers, parent volunteers - who after a full day of interacting with our children in the schools on the Northside also look for a way to practice an art form, Homewood Studios invites them to place their artwork in an unjuried show.

Shows in the past have included drawing and painting, sculpture and ceramics, photography, musical compositions, dolls, textiles and weaving.

This year's participating artist/teachers: Jacqueline Baker - James Borosko - Clare Farrell - Shannon Gabriel - Deborah Hallin - Miguel Hernandez - Felicia Holbrook - Carla Korb - Lorna Haug-Lee - Seexeng Lee - Judy Monson - Marianne Norris - Charles Johnson-Nixon - Peyton - Megan T Pierce - Brian Hartley Sego - Gail Douglass Shiffman - William Capel Slack

Opening Reception - Friday, April 25th from 3:30p to 8p.

Another Northside teacher show is down. The response to this work was quite supportive, and thankful.

This year, for the first time, we named the show - Two Lives - as a way to focus on the notion teachers who also try to sustain their art live two lives and have to look, constantly, for balance.

Some comments from the guest book:

Every year I participate in this show, I learn something wonderful about my fellow teachers.
Bill Slack

Thanks for being here. It matters.
Carl Eller

Lovely! It's great to see what teachers are doing to keep us inspired.
Michelle Lewis


"Many may say living with the collision of two cultures is a burden, but I find it a blessing in disguise."

I am an artist at heart and a teacher by trade. The idea of becoming an artist wasn't accepted by my parents. So instead of conforming totally to their wishes I turned to teaching, to teach art, because teaching is highly valued by my parents and the Hmong community.

I went into teaching partially because of my parents, but part of it has to do with my desire to assist kids, kids of similar background and struggles. I wanted to be there for these kids, to help them communicate and to express themselves through art and to use the arts as a vehicle to better themselves.

For the past 10 years, I have been working in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Currently, I teach at Patrick Henry High School, where the population is about 28% Hmong and 60% African American.

I do art and teach side by side because I love teaching and honestly most of my work and ideas come from my students.

I don't think I will stop teaching, because if I did, I would loose the impact I have on students as well as lose the source of my energy.

TWO LIVES: Annual Northside Faculty Art Show allows me to showcase all that I am to the people who inspire me as well as the people who I would like to inspire. What a wonderful fit!

From marianne norris:

What a beautiful display of creativity! I was moved by the work and the stories of two lives. I was also saddened to read "excessed" after some of the artists' names and realize how many talented people our schools have lost.

I'm looking forward to next year already! Long live art!

From Megan T Pierce:

Every day at Juxtaposition I am inspired by the very talented students. This inspiration has moved me forward in gaining confidence in my own art. I am very thankful to the Juxta community!

From Carla A. Korb:

I want to thank Homewood studios for inviting educators to show their work. Many of us are so involved in promoting our students work that we neglect seeking out oppertunities for ourselves to show.