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April 18, 2008- April 20, 2008

PYMP YO' SHOE: William Capel Slack & Students of North Minneapolis Schools

In this special "blitz weekend" event, students from several North Minneapolis schools, plus young folk who have been working with Juxtaposition Arts, present their artified shoes.

For several years, pimping shoes, hats, jackets has been a way of employing hip-hop vocabulary to explore identity. Artist/teacher Bill Slack has pushed that process one step further, introducing the P(roject) Y(our) M(ind) P(ower) curriculum.

The show will include shoes, jackets, caps and other clothing plus sketches and drawings by the young artists.

Weekend events include an opening celebration, a workshop for community members to learn some pymping techniques from the young artists, and a conversation with some of the artists. Many of these events will be happening all at once since the show is only up for a weekend.

Show opens Friday, April 18th. Gallery hours 1p to 6p Pymp Yo' Show Workshop, part 1 - Saturday, April 19th from 2p to 4p Public Reception - Saturday, April 19th, from 4p to 9p Pymp Yo' Shoe Workshop, part 2 - Sunday from 2p to 4p