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March 25, 2008- April 16, 2008


Michelle Hillestad

Luke Hillestad

Michelle and Luke Hillestad live in the neighborhood around Homewood Studios. One day last spring Luke dropped in with samples of his work and asked about a show. Michelle paints too, on a smaller scale then Luke. They will each be showing recent work.

Since that spring meeting Michelle & Luke have developed some fairly ambitious plans for themselves. In late April, they will be leaving for Thailand to work with children affected by AIDS and women rescued from sex slavery. In late May they will leave Thailand for five months in Norway where they will study with a favorite painter, Odd Nerdrum.

Proceeds from artwork sold during this show will help to finance the planned travels.

Opening Reception - Friday, March 28th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, April 1st beginning at 7p