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December 1, 2008- January 5, 2009


In the fall of 2006, painter Kristin Abraham and musician/composer Alfonso Llamas drove their little red van up to the gallery doors of Homewood Studios and dropped off Alaska. This was one of fifty stops at galleries in every state in the Union comprising one of the more courageous and ambitions art projects we have encountered.

These two young artists, Kristin and Alfonso, after three years of what-iffing, sold their home and belongings, quit their jobs, and commenced a voyage on which they would create a painting in each of the fifty states, compose accompanying music chronicling this journey, make friends and contacts in the art worlds across the country, and finally, mount shows in as many of the fifty states as possible, showing all fifty paintings and offering music, video productions, a vast web site, and other constructions to further explore and examine their odyssey. (The preceding nearly endless sentence was carefully constructed in honor of their expansive vision.)

In December 2008, The Nomadic Art Project will come to Homewood Studios. We hope to invite classes of school children in to view and discuss the work, to create community conversations around issues raised by the work, connect with other events occurring at the same time, perhaps sell a piece or two, and expose our audience to what a little imagination can do to make life interesting.

Please watch this space for further details, and in the mean time please go to the Nomadic's web site - http://www.kristinabraham.com/nomadic.html - for many, many more details.