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October 1, 2007- November 3, 2007

A.C.T.I.O.N. • artist/community teams interpret oral narratives

Rodney Massey's StoryGeorge Roberts' StoryBill Cottman's Story

In the winter and spring of 2006 University of Minnesota Art professor David Feinberg offered an unusual class to his students. He proposed sending teams of young artists into three Twin Cities communities (North Minneapolis was one community selected) to interview residents about their stories and then to turn those stories into art - painting, dance, poetry and music.

The community storytellers would be invited to participate in the art making and a video of the whole process would result.

That courageous experiment was a resounding success. A show of the work went up at the University of Minnesota in spring and the show, in various versions, has traveled around the state since.

This show is coming to Homewood Studios in October. It will feature the work done in collaboration and individual work by the young artists themselves.

Opening Reception - Friday, October 12th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, October 16th beginning at 7p