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February 8, 2008- February 27, 2008

ANOTHER EARCIE: lesser known photographs by Earcie Allen

This show replaces the previously scheduled Women of North Minneapolis. In late December, Earcie suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. He is recovering well, but will not be able to mount the planned show.

Instead, some of Earcie's close friends and fellow photographers have, with Earcie's permission, gone through his files and selected a collage of photographs they feel takes us deeper into Earcie's world, deeper into his vision of photographs as occasions for long stories. Bill Cottman has happily agreed to be curator for this show.

Public Reception - Friday, February 15th from 6p to 9p Earcie will be there.

From Dawn Peterson:

I was wondering why the show was canceled. I am so sorry he had a stroke. We had planned on me being one of those he interviewed for the Women of North Minneapolis.

As I said, I hope he is recovering and I am happy Bill oversaw the showing of his pictures.