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April 13, 2007- April 21, 2007

SQUARE: 16 Artists

Sixteen students of artist / teacher Sally Nystrom offer a show comprised entirely of paintings eight inches by eight inches.

Sandy Baines • Martie Beebe • Lynn Benjamin • Jill Breckenridge • Wendy Griffin • Joan Grzywinski • Arlene Hammond • Pat Heller • Randi Johnson • Julie Landsman • Karen Lewis • Jill Meyer • Kerin McTeigue O Connor • Norah Shapiro • Mary Stiff • Lynne Witmer

Opening Reception Saturday, April 14th from 6p to 9p

What an opening! We do not remember an evening when cars were literally parked for more than a block in every direction. The weather was a perfect spring evening, friends were utterly reliable and arrived in droves. (Of course, when you show sixteen artists, the number of friends can add up quickly.)

The spirit of the evening was open and generous. More than half the pieces sold immediately.

And oh, the work? Comments like "Very professional," "Surprising and original," "Great idea — canvasses all the same size," or "Intimate" danced around on the shoulders of everyone there.

Some of the neighborhood children, Dennis and his friends especially, came in and located their favorite piece, found the artist, introduced themselves, shook hands and explained why they selected the piece the did as their favorite. The adults were impressed. The kids just thought that's the way you're supposed to do it.