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November 15, 2006- December 31, 2006

PALAVER: Work from the Permanent Collection

[pa-lav-er: an often prolonged parley, usually between persons of different levels of culture; a conference; a discussion]

During the past six years, we have enjoyed the opportunity to collect the work of many of the talented artists who have shown and passed through our gallery. This show offers a look at those works and at the many ways they speak to each other about the richness of our local artistic community.

We are taking a six-week break - (among other things) to welcome our son Andrew home from a Peace Corps stint in Ghana, West Africa - and will be observing relaxed hours in the gallery.

Phone 612 587-0230 to arrange a look at this amazing collection of local artists' work, or...look for the Gallery Open signs in the windows. If they are lit, come on in.

Artists' Reception - Saturday, December 2nd from 6p to 9p. Everyone welcome. Come meet the artists. Many of them will be there that evening. And bring a friend...