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October 5, 2006- November 10, 2006


Photography and Narrative Exhibit Showcases the Work of Homeless Youth

The Sheltering Home Chronicles, in conjunction with The Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest and Avenues for Homeless Youth, is pleased to announce an artist reception on October 7, 2005 for a photography and narrative exhibit that poignantly captures, in their own images and words, the experiences of homeless children today.

The Sheltering Home Chronicles is an art and history project inspired by a Minneapolis institution built in the early 1900�s known originally as The Jewish Sheltering Home for Children. The building, which today houses Avenues for Homeless Youth, has provided accommodations for more than 2,600 children in need over the past ninety years.

Working together with award-winning photographer Wing Young Huie and the Minnesota Spoken Word Association, the Sheltering Home Chronicles and Avenues for Homeless Youth sponsored a series of creative workshops for the building�s current residents. These workshops, which focused on photography and poetry to help the participants express their personal stories and their dreams, will culminate with the exhibition opening at Homewood Studios. The evening will feature artist discussions and spoken word performances by workshop participants.

This Sheltering Home Chronicles exhibit is funded, in part, by a grant from the Willis C. Helm Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation. For further information, please contact Kate Searls, Director of the Sheltering Home Chronicles, at (612) 239-1079.

Opening Reception - October 7, 2006 6p to 9p Program is free and open to the public.

Contact: Kate Searls, Director, Sheltering Home Chronicles Tel: (612) 239-1079 Email:katesearls@msn.com