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June 1, 2006- June 30, 2006

Trip Tick II - Juneteenth Art Exhibition

Homewood Studios presents three Milwaukee artists - Sharon Kerry-Harlan, Sonji Hunt and Chrystal Gillon - as part of the Juneteenth Celebration series of events.

This second partnership between Juneteenth and three Minneapolis galleries - Juxtaposition Arts. Obsidian Arts and Homewood Studios - presents a month-long show featuring seven artists from the Milwaukee-based group, ABEA (African American Artists Beginning to Educaate Americans).

Opening Reception - Friday, June 9th from 6p to 9p

Community & Family Workshop - Saturday, June 10th from 1p to 3p

From Sherry Roberts:

Making textural art with Sonji Hunt is a splendid way to spend a Saturday afternoon. From the moment Sonji the pack rat pulled out her magical box of fabrics, beads, letters, ribbons, stones, and papers, I was caught. And I wasn't the only one. Artists, young and old, dived into the piles of fabric, passed around sewing needles, took turns at the hot glue gun, and wandered around admiring each other's work.

Sonji gave us a peek into her life as a fabric artist and was generous with advice and laughter as she helped us coax our own visions to reality. We came away with two realizations: 1) never throw anything away (those bobby pins at the bottom of your grandmother's drawer could be the soul of a new artwork)and 2) we are all artists.

Thank you, Sonji and George.