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February 3, 2006- February 28, 2006


Nichelle "NiRi" Rivers, is in her second year living in the Twin Cities. This will be her first gallery showing in the Twin Cities. NiRi's paintings� are a manifestation of her soul, as she likens art to every breath she takes. "When I begin a piece, I never know where it will take me. I liken art to each breath I take and explore texture along with bold and vibrant colors that permeate through every brushstroke. I don't really have a constant venue, all I know is I paint what I feel and know. I remain challenged by the diversity of my work and use this experience in preparation in what will be an explosion of creative passion on canvas."

Opening Reception Friday, February 3rd from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk Tuesday, February 14th beginning at 7p

From Ms. Longaway:

I loved viewing her work and being allowed to look into her soul. Her paintings are truth and art all rolled into one. Thank you for giving me the chance to see your naked soul. God bless . . .