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May 4, 2006- May 24, 2006

LYNN FELLMAN - Visions of Deep Ancestry

Are you curious about the story of ancient human ancestry discovered from recent DNA research? Then come view Lynn's vibrant and enlightening new images developed from her interest in the convergence of art and science. The large format work on paper and fabric depicts her personal iconography of the original Eve and the 60,000 year old journey out of Africa.

Opening Reception Saturday, May 6th from 5p to 8p

Gallery Talk Tuesday, May 16th beginning at 7p Lynn will tell the story of Mitochondrial Eve, will let you know how to get your very own DNA sequence, and will discuss her digital print making process. Something for everyone. Bring a friend.

For more information about this artist and her work, please visit her web site.

Despite her initial fears about doing a gallery talk, Lynn's evening with ten or so folks who came to hear about her process, about her inspiration, were not disappointed. On the contrary. Questions, answers and new questions flowed freely as we used her DNA Project work to explore digital printing techniques and ink application considerations, long reading lists on the subject of Mitochondrial Eve, and what her important art means to a diverse community such as ours. We all agreed her art is beginning to teach us to tell a new story about ourselves, one in which those age-old lessons about difference must be thoroughly reexamined.