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March 24, 2006- April 12, 2006

Patrick Henry High School IB Art Students

The fourteen seniors in the International Baccalaureate Art program at Patrick Henry High School have spent the year learning how to develop an artistic voice, to use the creative process in creating original artwork, and to investigate the social and historical context of visual art in any culture. This show, varied in the questions it asks and the media explored, amply affirms what we have long known about Seexeng Lee, artist/teacher for these young people — he imparts the knowledge art is not a practice of the hand but a practice of the eye.

Essential to this learning process, students will hang their own show and then will take their IB exam in the gallery.

Part of this show will be included in the Minneapolis Public School show, VIVA, opening at Calhoun Square on March 20th and running through March 31st. The Henry pieces will then move to Homewood Studios gallery for the remainder of that show.

Don't miss it. Come support our future artists.

Public Reception • Monday, April 10th from 5P to 8p.

"These young people are asking amazing questions!" "I love the variety!" "I never did anything like this in my art class." (These are just a few of the public responses to this fine show.)

On the other hand, the students themselves learned so much about the process of being an artist - not just making art, but considering how to hang it, how to price it, how to react to viewers' responses, how to talk about it...

"Your generosity in letting use use your beautiful space made our IB art experience possible." (Lee Moua)

Can anything make more sense to a gallery than fostering young artists, leading them to believe in themselves and in the power of art? I think not...