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August 23, 2005- September 28, 2005


Well known for both his work as a dramatic printmaker and as an inspiring teacher, Bill Slack presents the work of several of his former students, and some of his own new work. He has subtitled this show "Celebrating Thirty Years Of Learning From My Students."

My exhibition is entitled WAKING THE DRAGONS. The title refers to a mythical serpent having a head at each end of its body called an Amphisbaena or more commonly "African Dragon". The African Dragon is a highly cosmological figure with many names specific to its region or culture. The stories about this type of dragon are found primarily in Western and Northern Africa. When the serpent swallows its head it forms a circle, to symbolize "going both ways". The title speaks to teaching and learning about life. As an educator I have the opportunity to arouse the expressive forces in my students with every encounter. Like the African Dragon the teaching and learning goes both ways.

The images in this show represent over thirty years of student work. Some of the works are from former students who are now professional artists, educators or both. All are people who have maintained their "Dragon Spirit" This show is a celebration of a generation of "learning and teaching and learning" from some incredible individuals. We imagined, explored and created our own world where adults could be comfortable as kids, and the smallest young person could have a voice. This show is a humble "Thank You" to all those students who have taught me so much.

Opening Reception - Saturday, August 27th 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, September 13th at 7p.