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June 10, 2000- July 15, 2000

WOMEN ON LOVE - Van Cleve & Porter Show

North Minneapolis artists Kate Van Cleve and Janice Lee Porter will present large works exploring the subject "WOMEN ON LOVE." Smaller work by each artist will also be on display and for sale. This exhibit is co-presented by Porter Publishing and Homewood Studios in conjunction with the June 10th reading "WOMEN ON LOVE" at the Homewood Studios Gallery.

This show will open the night of the reading, June 10. The Grand Opening will take place on Saturday, June 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

Appointments for private showings may be arranged for any time the show is up. Please e-mail janice@homewoodstudios.com, kate@homewoodstudios.com, or phone 612 587-0230 to make an appointment.


For me, all of my work is the result of love, love with all of its components and contents. My compassion for humanity and our condition.

The pieces I have chosen for this show have some quality of love. Introspective love is a reoccurring theme.

The triptych speaks to the journey. Bringing our past with us to create a successful future. And with each part of the voyage a capacity for deeper intimacy. -Kate Van Cleve

These works are about love or from love. I pulled out old work and made some new. The earliest paintings were made circa 1972, the latest, completed this week.

"Love's Burden" and "Love's Bliss" were the core assignments I set for myself, with the books forming themselves around the edges. Since you know what you practice, I found I know a lot more about the Burden at this point than the Bliss. I kept remembering the words Kate spoke mid-April, meant to calm us both for this short term challenge: "Think of it as a school assignment: paint about love, due June 10th." So I took baby Bliss steps on the canvas. I'll keep practicing.

As for books, I guess they're here to stay. I am the daughter of my book loving parents and I illustrate books for bread, so they seem to have crept into my genetic makeup. Thank god I've discovered handmade and one-of-a-kinds. I also teach kids a lot these days, and I'm working my ideas out in the scissor and paper and paste aesthetic. The books are giving me a format for my stacks of old artwork, and a platform for entirely new stuff. They're fun: I'm still a new practitioner, I play.

I let intutition guide me in making the show choices. I pray it gives you something to chew on or to hold in your heart.

-Janice Lee Porter