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October 1, 2005- October 19, 2005

RICHARD AMOS • Roots Emerging

Longtime Northside artist Richard Amos presents a show of recent paintings.

Magically realistic and hauntingly just out of reach, the work of Richard Amos reflects his artistic journey and the exploration and acceptance of African American/African spirits which imbue his art with multiple layers of perception, understanding, and insight. Utilizing the mask theme, he chooses colors which themselves inspire spiritually. His unusual technique of applying blue jean material onto the surface of the canvas makes the paintings simultaneously flat and three-dimensional. At turns bright and approachable, then darker and more tentative, these African American/African/Hip Hop-flavored works stop the viewer and ask for a response.

"Ancestral voices urge my artistic spirit to recall primordial rituals of masks that reflect and invite community instead of modern rituals that leave us separate, wanting, and uneasy."

Opening Reception - Saturday, October 1st 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, October 18th beginning at 7p

Rarely in our five years of doing shows have so many people stopped in to say what they could see from the street stopped them cold. Some have even said, "I was driving by, looked, and turned right around to come in and look more closely,"

Richard's paintings brought our gallery to life in a unique way. The risks he is willing to take with color, while hugh creating mask-like images, spoke to something deep within all of us who viewed his work.

His gallery talk was an exemplar of humility and taught us all how an artist's life and work are inextricably intertwined.

From Richard Amos:

At this show I felt my calling to channel art through me using whatever medium my spirit leans toward. I fellowshipped with attendees, remembered my childhood artistic moments, cried, and felt at one with time/space/art/everyone there. We felt whole.